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The Power Of Lemon Water

The following benefits of lemon water are extracted from an email sent to Debra from her sister-in-law, Marie – an avid trainer and nutrition buff (go figure!).

When life gives you lemons, make lemon water.

Supports Immune Function


Citrus fruits like lemon are high in vitamin C, which helps play an important role in immune function. Lemons also contain substances with antimicrobial properties that keep cold and flu viruses away. Ascorbic acid (found in lemon juice) also helps iron absorption which plays a role in immune function.

Alkalizes The Body

Though lemons seem acidic, they are one of the most alkalizing foods for the body. The citric and ascorbic acid found in lemons helps reduce your body’s acidity when it is metabolized.

Helps With Digestion

The pectin fiber found in lemons helps fight hunger cravings and keeps you full longer. The fiber also aids in digestion to help flush out unwanted materials.

Natural, Gentle Diuretic

Lemon juice helps move unwanted waste through an increased rate of urination. This in turn, helps boost your kidney’s detoxifying function.


Lemon water helps to feel hydrates and oxygenates the body – leaving you revitalized and refreshed!

Speeds Up Metabolism

Personal training pro Jackie Warner swears by lemon water on a daily basis. “Adding the lemon helps to detoxify the liver and metabolizes fat, so this can speed up metabolism by 33%.”

Thanks, Marie, for the great advice!

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