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What Would You Do For A Klondike Bar?

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“Trust the wait. Embrace the uncertainty. Enjoy the beauty of becoming. When nothing is certain, anything is possible.” ~Mandy Hale

Each post we will present you with a truth or dare. All you have to do is tackle it with gusto and make it happen. Often, by just focusing on one change…just one, it’s much more palpable and achievable and becomes the jump start you need.

Dare: Read the label.
We often get cravings and sometimes there is nothing we can do to stop it. How often do you just pick up a “go-to” food without thinking based on habit or an impression by the label that it’s “healthy”? It lands in your cart, then at the register, then in your cabinet or freezer then on your couch. And somehow, someway, it disappears.

Here’s a trick – read the ingredients. Let’s dissect a few of the ingredients in a Klondike bar – in order of highest to lowest amount:  Sugar, Corn Syrup, Maltodextrin, Propylene Glycol Monoesters, Mono and Diglycerides, Cellulose Gum, Locust Bean Gum, Guar Gum, Carrageenan, Cellulose Gel, Polysorbate 80, Annatto (for Color). Still want it?

Reading ingredients is the key to picking healthier choices. Try not to have blind faith in the marketing promises (“non-GMO”, “healthy”, “natural”, “gluten free”). Even “organic” isn’t always healthy (yes, they make an organic pop tart). So, no need to do a crazy deed for a bar you don’t need – chances are, once you read the label, you’ll lose interest.

We don’t claim to know everything – so sometimes we have to ask the experts. Our latest guru is Bob Roth. We didn’t exactly talk to Bob Roth, but he spoke to us through his book, “Strength in Stillness – The Power of Transcendental Meditation.”

It’s Time To Start
If you’ve even contemplated meditation – consider this your wake-up call. Bob enlightens us, that according to research, stress hits us in at least 3 distinct, often debilitating ways: On the muscular or structural level – we tense our bodies in the form of tension headaches, stiff neck or shoulders, tight jaw, grinding our teeth or constricting our blood vessels  which restricts oxygen to the brain or heart (read: stroke/heart attack);  On the level of cognitive functioning – reducing circulation to the brain and skewing electrical activity (our brains shut down); and stimulating the adrenal gland to secrete too much cortisol (the “stress hormone”) which feeds anxiety and becomes a viscous cycle (destroys healthy muscle & bones, slows healing and normal cell regeneration, impairs digestion, metabolism and mental functioning and weakens the immune system).

The list goes on…

Unaddressed stress can be debilitating – and slowly, over time, break your body down until it becomes much harder to reverse the damage and it takes a serious toll on your mind and body.

Meditation has an incredible impact on your approach and reaction to life’s daily challenges and helps you enjoy the moment rather than just trying to “get through it”. You do not have to sit cross-legged and chant “ohmmm”. It can be as short as 1-2 minutes in the morning and the same in the evening. Once you start, you will find you miss it when you don’t incorporate it into your day.

Transcendental Meditation is like the Rolls-Royce of meditation. The book offers valuable insight into the benefits of meditation and can be used for that sole purpose. If you want to start smaller (and faster), we suggest Insight Timer. It’s free, it’s user-friendly and you can customize it to your needs.

Cheer’s to a more Zen you.

Kick it up. For all you Italians, you know this spice all too well…Oregano Oil is the new superhero. It is anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic. The benefits are almost too long to list. So, we’ll tackle the most prominent:

Numerous scientific studies have confirmed it’s ability to destroy infectious germs (viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites). It has been proven to be as effective as prescription antibiotics against bacteria. It’s strong anti-inflammatory and analgesic (pain-killing) properties help alleviate pain and inflammation. It attacks invading pathogens and relieves discomfort. Oregano oil also has the ability to loosen mucus in sinuses and lungs, acting as an expectorant and helps relieve coughing. It helps relieve gas upset, settles the digestive system and helps soothe inflamed tissue in the stomach and intestines.

In addition, it is a powerful anti-oxidant, increases white blood cell activity, helps reduce fever and helps remove toxins and poisons.

Might sound too good to be true, but it works. It’s super powerful (also in taste and smell). 1-2 drops will do you (highly suggest dilluting in water or other beverage). It can be used topically or ingested.

There are two that are ranked as the purest and most effective: this is our favorite, and this a close 2nd.

Sometimes, you just gotta have it.

Just because it feels like the middle of winter does not mean Spring is not here – it’s inevitable allergies will flare (this year they are saying 2 wks vs. 4 – so there’s that). There is a pretty amazing homeopathic remedy we swear by – originally discovered for kids, but we found an adult version. Includes Vitamin C, Quercetin Dihydrate, Stinging Nettles Leaf, Bromelain (from pineapple) and N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine. This stuff is the bomb.

Night, Night
Put down the sleeping pills. We’ve got a new, topical dream catcher to get your sleep-on. This sleep lotion gives you a deep, peaceful sleep with one swoosh. It is scientifically formulated to help you fall asleep within just minutes of use, it’s made from ethically sourced, plant-based ingredients that can give you a deeper sleep, it can improve hydration for those with dry & aging skin and oh, it’s 100% money back guarantee. Oh, and we scored you a 30% off discount. You’re welcome, for your 8 hours.

Yes, Please!
There’s a new company in town and we want to be the first to tell you about it. We all know the health benefits of coffee. Now, you can have it delivered to your home (over 350 varieties to choose from, matched to your preferences). It’s like Match.com for coffee. And because you are one of our loyal followers, we’ve scored you your first bag FREE. Just enter promo code vipnk54yave at checkout. Happy coffee’ing.

All of our recipes will always be quick, healthy, easy, gluten-free, grain-free, sugar-free, mostly dairy-free, SCD legal and Paleo friendly. And yes, all sorts of deliciousness.

This one is addictive.

Cinnamon Coffee Cake (Elanaspantry.com)


  • 2½ cups blanched almond flour
  • ¼ teaspoon sea salt
  • ½ teaspoon baking soda
  • ¼ cup coconut oil
  • ½ cup honey
  • 3 large eggs


  • ¼ cup coconut oil, melted
  • ¼ cup raw, organic honey
  • 2 tablespoons ground cinnamon
  • ½ cup sliced almonds

Grease a 9″ cake pan with coconut oil and dust with almond flour. In a food processor, combine almond flour, salt, and baking soda. Pulse in coconut oil, honey, and eggs. Spread the batter into prepared baking dish.

To make topping, combine coconut oil, honey, cinnamon and sliced almonds in a small bowl. Drizzle topping over cake batter.

Bake at 350° for 25-35 minutes. Cool and serve.

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Mind Over Matter

As several of you may have experienced when I teach Tabata, I chant a lot about mind over matter. It’s a proven fact – if you convince your mind you can do something, you can conquer it. It’s also the theme of many of our daily posts on our Facebook page HeelsToLacesFit. One of the most recent being: “It always seems impossible until it’s


There are numerous studies that have shown by controlling your mind, you control your body. This can be applied in so many ways – in times of stress (physical or mental), in your reaction to your environment, in relationships and in the power of healing.

It’s no secret I am somewhat obsessed with Deepak Chopra. In his book “Ageless Body, Timeless Mind,” based on quantum physics, he advises on how to “defeat entropy,” to “believe” enough to control physical changes and to “reinterpret your body” to create renewal. By practicing these philosophies (in addition to fueling our bodies with healthy diets), we can elongate our lives by perpetuating healthy physical reactions within our body, starting on a cellular level.

Our cells renew every day. In fact, 98% of the atoms in our bodies are exchanged for new ones every year.  Chopra’s premise is that the more positive our mind is, the more beneficial the effect it will have on each and every cell we reproduce in our body.

We can mentally control and change our physical reactions. It’s a fascinating concept. You can change your body, and your outlook, simply by changing your perception. It’s how we interpret our external world. If we convince our mind we can physically accomplish the task at hand, our body will follow. If we can replace stress with positive intention we can rid ourselves of the negative reactions that follow…such as aging, damage to our organs and physical ailments.

It goes back to the premise – how are you going to react to what’s in front of you?

– If you believe you can conquer it, mostly likely, you will.
– If you are fearful or convince yourself it’s not possible, chances are, you will have a difficult time and your body will shut down.

Over time, by practicing positive thinking, you will see the positive effect it will have on your body, and in turn, the image you project to the outside world. Spending less time focusing on your obstacles in front of you and more energy on how you are going to succeed effects every aspect of your being.

So I challenge you to predetermine how you will deal with your task at hand. Begin by eliminating the fear and believing you will excel. Convince your mind you are capable…and see how your body follows.

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  • Robin Kelley

    Love this post! I think it’s all so true. Just have to remember it when the going gets tough. Great reminder.

  • Michelle

    Changing your perspective is the best thing you can do! Ditto to this whole post. I love that we have the power inside of us to continue to make or break our mindset and if we focus on the positive energy and thinking, we will succeed in ways we never knew before. Thank you for the reminder and encouragement. Rock on!!!!

  • •••
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Summer Reads

No matter how crazy my life gets, I always find time to read.  My Kindle is usually in my purse for whenever I have a few free minutes.  And, summer is the perfect opportunity to read more. Beach trips and vacations practically scream for something juicy.

As we always like to remind our readers, it is important to find that balance in your life. Books are a great way to escape from your day-to-day routine, fantasize, get inspired and maybe a little motivated to make changes in your own life. No need to feel guilty. Put your feet up and enjoy.

Below, is a list of some of my favorites- both old and new.  I am not a literary critic, just someone who loves a good story from all different genres. images-1

Light Summer Reads

Double Bind, by Chris Bohjalian

When Laurel Estabrook is attacked while riding her bicycle through Vermont’s back roads, her life is forever changed. Formerly outgoing, Laurel withdraws into her photography, spending all her free time at a homeless shelter. There she meets Bobbie Crocker, a man with a history of mental illness and a box of photographs he won’t let anyone see. When Bobbie dies, Laurel discovers a deeply hidden secret–a story that leads her far from her old life, and into a cat-and-mouse game with pursuers who claim they want to save her. A page turner.

Husband’s Secret, by Liane Moriarty

A line from this book’s summary drew me right in.  A wife stumbles across a letter written by her husband, which begins “My darling Cecilia, if you’re reading this, then I’ve died…”

What Alice Forgot, by Liane Moriarty

Yes, same author. She is great for quick-paced summer reading.  In this novel, Alice falls and forgets the past decade.  She is surprised to learn that she has three children and is getting a divorce.  The last thing she remembers is being pregnant with her first child and being madly in love with her husband.  Sounds like a cliché, but really makes you stop and think.

Before I Go To Sleep, by S.J. Watson

Watson’s main character, Christine, struggles with a big problem: Every time she goes to sleep, she forgets her name, her identity, her location, even her husband (due to a rare kind of amnesia).  Christine starts to keep a journal to remind herself of the basic details, and through it she learns her husband, Ben, is keeping facts from her. Is he trying to protect her from a dark past, or is he concealing something more sinister? A real thriller!

Great Stories  (A little deeper than your average summer beach read.)

The Language of Flowers, by Vanessa Differbaugh

A story of an 18-year old girl who grew up in foster care and now struggles to survive as an adult. The story weaves between past and present and forces her to confront a painful secret.

Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes

This story brings together two very unlikely people and breaks your heart.  Just read it – so good!

The Invisible Bridge, by Julie Orringer

A promising student of architecture leaves his native country of Hungary to study in Paris in the late 1930s — until his scholarship is revoked when anti-Jewish laws go into effect.  He returns to Hungry as the war escalates.  The character’s happiest days, and later, their struggles, are rendered in a sweeping, epic fashion.  I have read many books on the Holocaust and  hesitated to read another as they can be so heart wrenching – but it was so worth it.

Little Bee, by Chris Cleave

This unique story of a Nigerian girl and a British woman is not at all your typical novel.  The story challenges you to think about concepts of civility and ethical choices.  One of those books that keeps you thinking afterwards.


Wild, by Cheryl Strayed

This moving memoir draws you in from the first pages.  Cheryl lost her mother and her marriage and with nothing else to lose, she embarks on a thousand mile hike on the Pacific Crest Trail hoping to heal and find herself again. Strayed’s honesty and humor made this book a page-turner for me.

Look Me in the Eye: My Life with Asperger’s, by John Elder Robison

Ever since he was young, John Robison struggled to connect with other people, but by the time he was a teenager, his odd habits had earned him the label “social deviant.” It was not until he was forty that he was diagnosed with a form of autism called Asperger’s syndrome. That understanding transformed the way he saw himself—and the world. A fascinating read – Robinson is a born story-teller.

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life, by Barbara Kingslover

Kingsolver and her family abandoned the industrial-food pipeline to live a rural life—vowing that, for one year, they’d only buy food raised in their own neighborhood, grow it themselves or learn to live without it.   Don’t be afraid of the title; Kingsolver is a gifted story teller.  It reads like a novel and is full of wit and humor.

On My List to Read This Summer  

Since I have not yet read these, I am not able to offer an opinion, but they are on my reading list for the summer.

I’m Having So Much Fun Here Without You, by Courtney Maum

In this reverse love story set in Paris and London, a failed monogamist attempts to woo his wife back and to answer the question: Is it really possible to fall back in love with your spouse?

We Were Liars, by E. Lockhart

According to the New York Times, this novel is ”Haunting, sophisticated . . . a novel so twisty and well-told that it will appeal to older readers as well as to adolescents.”

The Mockingbird Next Door: Life with Harper Lee, by Marja Mills

Harper Lee wrote one of America’s best-loved novels, To Kill a Mockingird.  She has not written another novel since and has not granted any interviews for the past fifty years.  That is, until she invited Marja Mills to move in next door to her and share her life story. 

All Fall Down, by Jennifer Weiner

On the outside, she’s got it all: money, a beautiful family, and a nice house.  But an addiction to prescription pills could erase the lovely picture.

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