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Debra, a mom of two and marketing professional for 24 years with her own marketing company, YellowBloom.com, has had a passion for the fitness and nutrition industry since she was 12. As a working professional, busy mom, fitness advocate and passionate, healthy food enthusiast, she always wanted to do something bigger. So, she created her fitness and nutrition blog, Heels To Laces.

Debra is an active fitness instructor and trainer and has taken a specific interest in nutrition and youth fitness. Exercise and healthy eating have become so ingrained into her lifestyle, it was only natural to progress into more. Heels To Laces is a vehicle to share what she has learned throughout the years and continues to learn daily. It’s a way to communicate with other fitness and nutrition enthusiasts the latest news and findings in the industry – coupled with personal experience. Debra is an AFAA/NASM certified fitness instructor, certified in Tabata Bootcamp™ and has an Advanced Sports Nutrition certification, a Nutrition Specialist certifcation and is certified in CPR/AED.

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