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Where Has The Time Gone?

Heels To Laces is on a mission to break through the clutter of health and fitness and make it easier to live healthier – and have a ton of fun doing it. As always, we love interaction so email us, comment, share and send your thoughts.

“Life is like looking for your phone. Most of the time it’s in your hand.” 

Oh, wait. We were in a pandemic.  A recent reminder this blog has been “inactive” for two years. Nearly fell off our swivel chair. Sending this edition out is simply a reminder to everyone to pick up where you left off. And, maybe in a better place than before. Sure, a lot has happened – but if you survived, you’re stronger for it. The most apparent lesson learned is that the future is not promised. So live…your…life.

Have you taken care of yourself? New levels of stress have us sacrificing our health for survival. That equation does not usually set you up for success. This is your reminder to prioritize your health. Put yourself on your calendar and do not let anything cancel the meeting. Exercising in the morning helps you “check it off the list” and avoid late day fatigue. Go ahead, block out an hour on Monday, Wednesday and Friday to move. We’ll wait…

Having trouble sticking to a healthy diet? Take the pressure off. It’s not all or nothing. It’s a sustainable balance and steps. Start with drinking a pint of lemon water first thing in the morning. Then maybe try to stop eating by 9 pm. Limit alcohol to weekends only. Try to eat small meals throughout the day. Snack on fruits and veggies. Stop buying the Oreos – if they are not in the house, you can’t eat them. One step at a time. You will feel the difference as you slowly integrate good practices into your weekly routine.

Our latest obsession is…

OK maybe not latest. We’ve been on this bandwagon for a while.
Daily Harvest is an at-home, ready made, organic food delivery service that offers grab-and-go food options for quick, healthy fixes. Wow, that was a mouthful (we crack ourselves up). Our favorite part is you know everything is organic, nutritious and quick to heat up. The soups, flatbreads and lattes are our go-to.  Use this code to get $25 off your first box:  RE-AG43HLR (you can cancel anytime and they are GREAT with customer satisfaction).  Daily-harvest.com

We want to try to make this new way of life a little easier. If you need any information, specific workouts, nutrition advice… or have any questions, please reach out: info@heelstolaces.com

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