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What To Do When You Can’t Do Anything

This week, I had the fortune of having reconstructive ACL and meniscus surgery. I say fortune because what they say is true – “what doesn’t kill you makes you ww v2stronger”. Let me summarize this as best I can… It’s like telling Wonder Woman she no longer has superhuman powers and battle skills and can no longer use her Lasso of Truth, indestructible bracelets and invisible airplane. Not to mention her rockin’ tiara (that’s clean, washed hair in my scenario). And yes, for all intents and purposes of this blog, I am “Wonder Woman” in this scenario.

What have I learned when I can’t do anything?

  1. Patience. Patience to rest and recover and know that every day will get a little bit easier. Appreciating the love and patience of my family, particularly my husband, who stood by my side 24/7.
  1. Life goes on. A little set-back does not determine my future. In fact, it probably helps me get there faster as I become introspective about where I’ve been and what’s to come.
  1. I will become superhuman again, but in the meantime, appreciate others stepping up to the plate. Friends and family make the world go round and without them, you can easily fall.
  1. Battle skills. Oh, mark my words…I will be able to battle again, and battle stronger than ever before. Watch out future Tabata clients, I am gonna kick-your-ass when I return.
  1. Lasso of truth. It’s hard to take someone out of their complete comfort zone and submerse them in a helpless situation. Sitting still…not my forte. But definitely my moment of truth. I have two choices – let the situation bring me down or conquer it and push myself to get stronger every day. Guess which I chose?
  1. Indestructible bracelets. Let’s call this my need for control. Yep, no secret I like to control my situation. Although I prefer to call it ambition and organization. It mostly pertains to my ability to get a million things done in a mere 15 minutes. Let’s bring that down a notch. I can now drink a Starbucks, read a magazine and have my leg in a stretching machine…all at the same time! Go me. Maybe lack of control is not such a bad thing.
  1. Invisible airplane. Humm…if only I had one I would fly my broken ass to the fastest PT facility in the world and cut the recovery time in half. Hell, maybe I don’t need a plane after all since we all know I will break records in that department.

So, here’s my summary. Things get broken and plans get changed. It does not have to change your ambition or spirit. In fact, if you take it all in, there is probably a message hidden in there somewhere. My message is to slow down and look around me at the amazing friends and loving family whose support I am eternally grateful. And, of course, get excited for my future superpowers with my new bionic leg.

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  • Nancy Francischetti

    Hi Deb- so glad your surgery is in the past & your recovery is progressing nicely. I am inspired by your thoughtful insights penned in this post . Your positive outlook is the best coping mechanism and your ability to inspire others to do the same , no matter what one is facing, is a gift . Thank you for sharing your thoughts and friendship! Peace to your day &I wish you a speedy recovery!!

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